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Research Projects

Many Center members have conducted corporate-sponsored research projects, as well as collaborative projects that involve multiple institutions. Additionally, Center members use a large number of in vitro and in vivo models of immune responses, that may be useful for as models for testing pharmaceuticals. If you would be interested in partnering with our researchers to address a goal or problem of mutual interest, supported by joint Federal funding or corporate sponsorship, please provide the Center with a short description of the project, and Center leaders will contact the appropriate researchers.

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Expert Advice

Individual members of the Center can be contacted regarding services as expert consultants. Center leadership is also willing to facilitate the formation of groups of consultants to address specific topics. Our Member page provides links to detailed information concerning areas of expertise of our members.


Potential Employees

Center faculty are active in training graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduates. If you are seeking employees with excellent immunology research training, please provide the Center with a description of the position and contact information.