Monday, February 26
Location: PBDB 1459

Speaker: Dr. Yi Huang

Title: “Targeting histone demethylase LSD1 to enhance antitumor immunity and immunotherapy response in breast cancer”

Monday, March 25
Location: CBRB 1289

Speaker: Dr. Wendy Maury

Title: "Defining cells that control initial filovirus infection in vivo and the innate immune responses that block that infection"

Monday, April 29
4:00 PM
Location: CBRB 1289

Speaker: Dr. Priya Issuree

Title: “Regulatory T cells in the thymus”

Thank You 2024 Immunology Speakers!

Dr. Adam Mailloux
"Hypoxia Induced a State of Immunogenic Dormacy in Cancer Cells"

Thank You 2023 Immunology Speakers!

Dr. Beth Newell
"Targeting the neuroimmune response to traumatic brain injury: the role of type I interferon signaling"

Dr. Jennifer Bermick
"Understanding early life immune development"

Dr. Seth Welsh
"Two short stories:  Tools for Immunomodulation in Mice, and The Search for Complement Activating Autoantibodies in C3 Glomerulopathy"

Dr. Zizhen Kang
“An animal model for autoinflammation with infantile enterocolitis”

Dr. John Manak
“Connecting oxidative stress and brain innate immune system activation with epilepsy progression”

Dr. Prajwal Gurung
"SHP1 and autoinflammatory disease"

Dr. Bing Li
“Taking fish oil: Good or Bad”